Seven key elements so as to help a student with what he/she most needs

1.- The Challenge:

Not all students are the same. There are those who have more learning capacity to understand mathematics, learn languages, to express themselves and so on.  And there are those who have a better or worse attitude towards their studies, or those who face other types of problems –dyslexia, hyperactivity, dyscalculia (mathematical learning difficulties) and so forth.  The cause is as varied as the number of students.

Up until there, we are all in agreement, yet how should an educational center react upon this kind of problem?  The law states that all students have the same number of classroom hours and everything which remains outside these classroom hours is left at the expense of families, who seek the solution to reinforce their children’s learning during these private lessons.

2.- Internal solution:

Nonetheless, Begoñazpi Ikastola has decided to face the problem from within and provide those students who need it with the necessary

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